Explore the Nature with us

Let us share with you our love of the land where we live!

So Enjoy the Nature with NaturalMenteGuide®

We work as guides in the foothills of the Dolomites from Monte Grappa in the west to the Cansiglio and Alpago forest in the east, including the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Prosecco hills between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene (1 hour north of Venice)... DISCOVER OUR ESCURSIONS!

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Let us share with you our interest and love of the extraordinarily varied land where we live! We are always looking for new paths and new places to introduce you to the environment that surrounds us, and to the animals and plants that live in it.

We offer several kinds of walks of different lengths, at varying heights, during any season throughout the year. In this way you can get to know the different types of environment and landscape, and to observe the indigenous fauna and flora.
Come and experience the hills and the mountains in a different way and discover the charm of the great things that Nature offers us.

We are four qualified Environmental Nature guides, holders of a regional licence, members of AIGAE and registered in the Italian Register of Excursion Environmental Guides. For several years we have been working in the environmental and nature education sector:

Mary Dorigo – Natural Science graduate
Marta Meneghini – Biological Science graduate
Paola Nardelotto – Forestry and Environmental Science graduate
Elena Torresan – Wildlife Environmental Management graduate

Our excursions range from Monte Grappa to the Cansiglio forest, focusing in particular on the foothills that are inside the UNESCO world heritage site between Valdobbiadene and Conegliano: a unique landscape, rich in biodiversity. Our constant commitment is to be able to offer you new paths; little known, but full of charm and natural life.

In most excursions we focus on a specific theme, designed specifically to highlight the peculiarities of the environment chosen for the walk (the flowers in bloom, old trees, birdwatching, animal tracks, rocks, constellations etc). Always in total safety!

On demand we are available all the year during the week end and also throughout the week. We offer different kinds of walks, depending on the characteristics of the place and the type of route. We can offer you a half-day, a full day or also a walk during the evening with full moon and starlight.


In all the excursions you will be accompanied by a certified and qualified Environmental Nature guidewho will help you to enjoy Nature in complete safety and to experience the peculiarities of each environment.

Please CLICK HERE to see our leaflet and contact us for any information: naturalmenteguide@gmail.com

Click here to see our Spring calendar (in Italian), but we are available to organize your personalised excursions

We are waiting for you! Mary, Paola, Marta e Elena - NaturalMenteGuide®

... because Nature must be known, loved and protected!

Siamo Mary, Marta, Paola e Elena, quattro Guide Naturalistico Ambientali, socie AIGAE iscritte al Registro Italiano di Guide Ambientali Escursionistiche (Legge 4/2013). Da svariati anni lavoriamo nel settore dell'educazione naturalistica e dell'accompagnamento in ambiente.

Ciò che ci accomuna è principalmente la voglia di trasmettere l'interesse per le piccole cose, l'attenzione al dettaglio e la curiosità verso la scoperta di ciò che ci circonda. Esercitiamo il nostro lavoro di Guide Naturalistiche dal Monte Grappa, alla Foresta del Cansiglio e all’Alpago, scendendo anche nelle zone collinari e pianeggianti di questa parte del territorio veneto.



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Explore the Nature with us

Let us share with you our love of the land where we live!

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